Wrapmaster Dispenser 3000

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The Wrapmaster Dispenser 3000 dispenses 30cm wide Wrapmaster rolls, and are ideal for smaller catering spaces.

The Dispenser has a concealed blade, which means cutting rolls will always be safe for you. It will keep a firm grip on the next wrap too, making it ready for your use quicker. Then when a roll runs out, the refill feature and patented technology of the product will quickly get the next roll ready for you.

It is also easier to clean then other dispensers, meaning that cross-contamination can be easily prevented.

A Wrapmaster Dispenser 4500 is also available.

  • Is approved for use by the Craft Guild of Chefs
  • Is portable
  • Is safe to use in dishwashers
  • Works best with the Wrapmaster Clingfilm, Foils, and Parchment Rolls that we have in stock
  • Quantity: Individual

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