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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products
Standard Overbed Table With 4 Castors
Standard Overbed Table With Split Legs

Discover Our Range of Overbed Tables

Product Range:
- Standard Overbed Tables: Perfect for general use, providing a stable surface for meals and activities.
Overbed Tables with Wheels: Enhance mobility and ease of use, ideal for busy care environments.
- Adjustable Overbed Tables: Customize the table height to accommodate various needs and preferences.
Overchair Tables: Designed specifically for use over chairs, offering versatility for different seating arrangements.
- Split Leg Tables: Unique design allows for easy placement and use, catering to diverse requirements.

What are the Benefits of Overbed Tables for Care Homes and Healthcare Facilities?
- Improved Patient Care: Facilitate better care by providing patients with a reliable surface for essential daily activities.
- Ease for Carers: Simplify the caregiving process, reducing strain on carers and enhancing efficiency.
- Enhanced Comfort: Promote a higher quality of life for residents by enabling them to perform tasks independently and comfortably.
- Ideal for Extended Bed Rest

Our overbed tables are perfect for people who need to stay in bed for long periods. Whether recovering from illness or managing a chronic condition, these tables make it easier to eat, drink, read, and engage in other activities comfortably and safely.

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