Washproof Plasters 7.2cm x 5cm 50 Pack

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These 7.2 cm x 5cm Washproof Plasters can help to protect and soothe any wound. 

The product's membrance consists of a moisture vapour permeable surface, which willl allow the skin to more effectively breathe, without the need of physical perforations. In turn, the plaster will stay securely in place. This also makes the plasters more effective to protect you against bacteria, fungi, water and viruses.

Alternatively, Assorted Sized (MED1069) Washproof Plasters can also be purchased.

  • Consists of a soft, flexible material, which allows your skin to breathe better
  • A low-allergy adhesive makes up the products' core
  • Each plaster is sterile
  • The plasters are made of a flexible PU plastic thin, which allows the product to be super-thin, flexible, and washproof.
  • Plaster Sizes: 7.2cm x 5cm
  • Quantity: 1 x 50 Plasters

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