Utopia Imperial Red Wine 9oz 25cl 48 Pack

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Whether it is for a bottle of red wine in the cosiest corner of the pub, or a tray full of drinks delivered to guests at a wedding, the Imperial Red Wine Glasses are a classic design suitable for a range of occasions. These glasses from Utopia, restaurant quality glassware makers, are a cost effective yet stylish solution for your bar supplies.

The Imperial Red Wine Glasses are made using a one piece construction, which creates a sturdy and more durable glass shape. These glasses are an ideal choice if you run a busy bar or restaurant looking to upgrade your current glassware collection. Made from toughened glass, these Red Wine Glasses are less likely to break, and are compatible with professional glasswashers.

Item Information

  • Height: 169mm
  • Diameter: 76mm
  • Length: 76mm
  • Capacity: 8.5oz
  • Capacity: 25cl
  • Weight: 0.19kg

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