Utopia Imperial Champagne Flute 7.5oz (21cl) 24 Pack

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No matter the occasion, it should be celebrated in style with the Utopia Imperial Champagne Flute, perfect for Prosecco, Cava or Champagne cocktails. Not only are they economic, the Imperial glasses are highly durable, made with fully toughened glass and resistant to impact damage at all points.

These Utopia flutes have a simple and classic bowl shape, the stem allows the customers to hold the glass comfortably without warming the drink inside. Dishwasher safe, glass can be used in a busy catering environment such as the pub, restaurant, hotels or in a domestic environment. 

Item Information:
Height: 210mm
Diameter: 65mm
Length: 65mm
Capacity: 7.25oz
Capacity: 21cl
Weight: 0.22kg

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