Utopia Allegra Champagne Flute 6.75oz 6 Pack

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Whether it is a glass of bubbly, or a fresh OJ mimosa, the Utopia Allegra Champagne Flutes are perfect for serving a range of drinks in your bar, restaurant, or special event. The larger size of the Allegra Champagne flutes allows servers to fill the glass to a more aesthetically pleasing level, allowing space for any decorative toppers too.

These glasses from Utopia, a quality restaurant glassware producer, are high quality and durable. These glasses are suitable for commercial glass and dishwashers, making them an essential addition to your bar supplies.

The Allegra Champagne flutes are designed to minimise breakages, an added bonus during busy services or wedding receptions. These sparkling wine glasses fit seamlessly into existing glassware collections, and are easy to store away for future parties, wedding receptions or birthday parties.

Item Information

  • Height: 230mm
  • Diameter: 69mm
  • Length: 69mm
  • Capacity: 6.75oz
  • Capacity: 20cl
  • Weight: 0.18kg

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