Thermawave 1000 Air Overlay Mattress Medium To High Risk

Sale price£290.00


The Thermawave 1000 can help to bring pressure relief to you, as a part of help to treat and prevent Stage I to III ulcers.

A Spare Replacement Cover (FUR1373) for this Mattress is also available.

  • Dynamic Therapy alternating action will provide you with optimum pressure relief and enhanced comfort.
  • AeroVent™cells to help prevent skin breakdown and maceration
  • Multi Stretch PU cover for improved shear and friction protection
  • Improved infection control - can be washed and tumble dried at 95°C
  • Fast and easy to use, remove and clean, due to the mattress' modular design
  • Effective against bacteria/viruses, proven resistance to MRSA
  • Waterproof with higher breathability
  • Clear and simple controls reduces need for complex training
  • Visual alarm for added safety
  • External air filters for easier maintenance
  • You can quickly access the mattress for CPR, due to the mattress' emergency deflation option Quick access CPR for emergency mattress deflation
  • Quantity: Individual

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