Swift Slide Sheet System Half Length Slider Yellow 127 x 183cm

Sale price£19.80


This Half Length Slider can assist you with the safe and easy repositioning of individuals.

The Half-Length Swift® Slider will reduce friction when individuals who are moving, boosting and turning in the bed. It is made with a breathable, low-friction backing, so you can reposition individuals safely and easily, whilst avoiding heat build up. The Slider is thin, meaning that pressure will always be equally redistributed, and can remain on the bed when tucked in, to make it ready at all times.

The product has been designed for use with both the Swift Standard Bottom Sheets (FUR1447) and Swift Bariatric Bottom Sheets (FUR1448). The central panel should support individuals all the way from their neck, to just below the buttocks.

  • Size: 127cm x 183cm
  • Length: Half - we also have a Full Length (FUR1449) variant available
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Quantity: Individual

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