Selden T002 Bathroom Cleaner 750ml

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Selden T002 Bathroom Cleaner is a fast-acting bathroom cleaner ideal for commercial and domestic use. Suitable for use on multiple surfaces, including sinks, baths, tiles and mirrors, resulting in a long-lasting, sparkling shine and fresh fragrance. This bathroom cleaner removes grime and harmful bacteria, ideal for cleaning busy hotel and restaurant washrooms. The trigger spray ensures a quick application, reducing turnover time. 

Product Details

  • Case: 6 x 750ml
  • Split: 1 x 750ml
  • Fast-acting bathroom cleaner 
  • Removes grime and harmful bacteria

Directions for use

For general cleaning - spray on surfaces as required and wipe away dirt and bacteria.

For heavier deposits - spray on and leave for two minutes before wiping and rinsing with water. 

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