Right Guard Invisible Dry For Women Deodorant 150ml 6 Pack

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The Invisible Dry Deodorant for Women can deoderise sweat for up to 72 hours at a time, after it has been used.

The Deodrant works effectively, thanks to the brand's Sweat Detect Technology. This will protect you before you start sweating. The product also has a Triple Stain Protection formula.

  • Shake the product before use, which should be done in short bursts, and hold it upright, no less than 15cm away from your underarm. Do not apply this product to irritated skin
  • Leaves you and your clothes with a fresh, fruity scent
  • Is particularly useful for tackling Oily, White and Yellow kinds of stains on clothes
  • Is powder-free
  • Quantity: 6 x 150ml Sprays

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