Premier Healthcare Lemon And Glycerine Oral Swabsticks 25 3 Pack

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These Lemon and Glycerine Oral Swabsticks are highly effective at helping you with collecting oral swab samples.

Each Swabstick consists of a highly effective 100% cotton top, alongside white polypropylene handles. With this, you will be getting swabs that are comfortable to use and highly durable. The citrus taste of each swabs' lemon flavour can stimulate the saliva, while the glycerine lubricates of the product will soften skin tissue, to help with making the experience more pleasant for the subject.

The Oral Swabsticks contain 3 swabs in a sealed sachet, as the box contains 25 sachets.

  • Length: 10cm
  • Latex Free
  • Non-Sterile
  • Swabs in Pack: 3
  • Pack Size: 25
  • Quantity: 1

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