Mepore Dressing 9 x 15cm 50 Pack

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These 9cm x 15cm Mepore Dressings are an ideal solution for treating your low to moderately exuding wounds, with delicacy and care.

The product's polyacrylate adhesive material will ensure that its fixation onto your skin will be done gently and securely. Furthermore, this material mixes into the products' porous, non-woven fabric. This will ensure the product's permeability with air and water.

The Dressing's fabric is flexible, to adjust well to a body's contours, and allow for more bodily movement to take place when it is in use. 

Other sizes of Mepore Dressings are also available, at 6cm x 7cm (MED1236), 7cm x 8cm (MED1462), 9cm x 10cm (MED1316) and 11cm x 10cm (MED1643) sizes.

  • Is skin-friendly
  • Is non-absorbent, thereby creating a barrier for blood and fluid entry
  • The material of the dressings are water-based
  • Each dressing can be easily cut to a different shape or size that you may desire.
  • Size: 9cm x 15cm
  • Quantity: Individual

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