Mepore Dressing 11 x 10cm 30 Pack

Sale price£18.60


The 11cm x 10cm Mepore Dressings will help you to more effectively treat wounds that are low to moderate in intensity. 

Other Mepore Dressing sizes available include 6cm x 7cm (MED1236), 7cm x 8cm (MED1462), 9cm x 10cm (MED1316), 9 x 15cm (MED1201) and 11cm x 10cm (MED1643) sizes.

  • Can be used on skins
  • Is non-absorbent, so that blood or fluids will not enter the dressing
  • Is made up of a water-based formula
  • Each dressing can be easily cut into another shape or size
  • Size: 11cm x 10cm
  • Quantity: Individual

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