Medi Cart 2 Bag Laundry Trolley

Sale price£102.90


The 3-Bag Medi-i-Cart Stainless Steel Laundry Trolley is highly durable and will help you to more easily collect soiled linen, while ensuring that hygiene standards are maintained. 

The Trolley has been designed to ensure that you can safely separate soiled linen, to improve hygiene standards and reduce labour requirements, making it ideal for any nursing environment. This Medi-Cart comes with wheel brakes and colour coded lids, to allow it to be easier to sort. 

1-Bag (FUR1076), 3-Bag (FUR1053) and 4-Bag (FUR1280) versions of this Laundry Trolley are also available for purchase.

  • 2 Bags can be held at once
  • Browse our Laundry Bags section to find Bags that go with this Laundry Trolley
  • Quantity: Individual

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