Lenor Fabric Conditioner System 2 20Ltr

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The 20ltr Professional System 2 Concentrate Softener gives long lasting freshness and softness to your clothing.

This product is suitable for care businesses where large, frequent laundering is expected to occur. It will keep your fabrics fresh and soft for long periods of time. This is due to the auto-dosing system found in the material, that has up to four times the concentration of regular laundry detergents.

Additionally, the system makes it easier to iron clothes and reduce any static ling that can build up on fabrics. 

A 10ltr Version of the System 2 can also be bought.

  • Has been designed to be used as part of a Professional Ariel System, in combination with Ariel's other laundry detergents
  • Features the brand's unique perfume technology, which leaves your fabrics smelling fresh for long periods of time
  • Is only intended to be used by professional individuals
  • The bottle's design features a designed spout, to prevent dripping from occurring
  • Quantity: 1 x 20ltr Bottle

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