Katrin 35311 Plus Zigzag 2 Ply White Hand Towels 4000 Pack

Sale price£37.80


The Katrin Plus Zig-Zag Hand Towels are ideal for those who want a Hand Towel that will be disposed hygienically, and conveniently.

Other Katrin Hand Towels are also available to buy.

  • One towel at a time will be given to you, to reduce the overall consumption of the product
  • Is best used in low to medium active areas
  • Features a grip that will make carrying the hand towels easier
  • Can be used for short-term contact with foods
  • Has been certified under both the EU Flower Eco Label, and Nordic Swan Eco Label
  • Hand Towel Unfolded Dimensions (W x H): 230mm x 224mm
  • Ply: 2
  • Type: Zig-Zag, V-Fold
  • Quantity: 1 x 4000 Hand Towels

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