Jug Beaker And Tray Set

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This Jug, Beaker, and Tray set is suitable for use at your bedside, to allow you to dine comfortably and easily.

The set comprises of a Beaker, Jug with a Lid, and a Tray. The Jug is graduated, for easy monitoring of fluid intake. It is a long-life, re-usable polypropylene measuring jug. It is most suitable for use in hospitals, nursing, rehabilitation and elderly care. The jug set can be washed in automatic washer disinfector or hand washed.

The Tray is made out of a lightweight, strong and durable alternative to stainless steel. This will make the product easier to grip for you.

You can purchase the Jug on its own, either With a Lid (DIN1041) or Without a Lid (DIN1097). You can also purchase Beakers individually, either With a Handle (DIN1009)or Without a Handle.(DIN1010)

  • Material (Jug): Polypropylene
  • Material (Beaker): Styrene-Acrylonitrile Resin (SAN)
  • Capacity (Jug): 1000ml
  • Capacity (Beaker): 280ml
  • Quantity: 1

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