Jeyes LD9 Advanced Stain Remover 10Ltr

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The LD9 Advanced Stain Remover will bring excellent results for you through every use. 

This Stain Remover should be applied onh heavily soiled items, as it's intensity of usage is only mild on fabrics. This can help to increase the life of potentially vulnerable fabric materials, such as soiled fabrics. For industries  which deal with extracting stains from clothes in the most intense of quantities, this product comes recommended.

  • This product can also be used to boost the performance of other Jeyes Non-Biological detergent, on coloured stains 
  • Is recommended for usage only by professionals
  • Is only suitable for commercial laundry operations, and electronic dosing equipment
  • The product works best with a wash load of anywhere between 5kg to 100kg
  • Quantity: 1 x 10ltr Bottle

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