Invacare ISA Compact Stand Assist 140Kgs

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The Invacare ISA Compact Stand Assist is designed to offer a comfortable and safe lifting experience for the client and carer. The ISA Stand Assist is ideal for those who have some weight bearing ability, but require additional support to raise to a standing position. The innovative Invacare technology offers a personal experience without compromising on the ergonomic function of the lift. This is achieved by an adjustable ISA Stand Assist that can adapt to the needs of a wide range of body types.

The compact footprint makes this assist ideal for environments where space is limited. The extendable arm, Telesco Lift, features nine length positions to offer optimised sling application and ergonomic transfers for varying body shapes and heights. The lower leg support also offers six height positions, with foam cushions for comfort. Dismantling the Invacare Stand Assist can be done without any tools, making transportation quick and easy. The adjustable design of the Invacare ISA Compact Stand Assist positions itself as the practical choice for care environments.

Product Details

  • Weight capacity: 140kg
  • Recommended user height range: 1400mm - 1800mm
  • Turning diameter: 1060mm
  • Lifts per charge: 82 Cycles
  • Base length: 925mm
  • Base width: 535mm
  • Product weight: 43kg

The Birdie Evo Hoist (FUR1207) and Birdie Evo Compact Hoist (FUR1209) are also available to purchase. The Invacare Birdie Evo Hoists prioritise comfortable and safe lifts and transfers to or from a bed, chair, or the floor. The customer led design introduces new technologies and features, building on the renowned Birdie range, to further enhance the client and carer experience. The ergonomic lift capability of the Invacare Birdie Hoists allows 360° rotation, ensuring ease of use for the carer when positioning and reduces anxiety for the client. We offer a range of Invacare Slings to suit all needs. 

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