Invacare Birdie Evo Hoist 180Kgs

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The Invacare Birdie Evo Hoist is designed with clients and carers in mind. The Birdie Evo Hoist provides comfortable and safe lifts and transfers to or from a bed, chair, or the floor. The customer led design introduces new technologies and features, building on the renowned Birdie range, to further enhance the client and carer experience. The ergonomic lift capability of the Invacare Birdie Hoist allows 360° rotation, ensuring ease of use for the carer when positioning and reduces anxiety for the client.

The innovative design maximises space with features such as the high boom, ensuring client comfort and reduces the risk of injury. The hook design allows carers to securely attach slings with ease and the flexible, outward pointing lip enables easy sling detachment. Handling and manoeuvring the Birdie Evo Hoist is effortless due to the ergonomic design of the push bar. The Hoist can be folded and unfolded without the need for tools. The efficient design uses minimal space when storing and can be transported with ease. 

  • Lifting range: 415 - 1660mm
  • Weight capacity: 180kg
  • Turning diameter: 1400mm
  • Lifts per charge: 40 Cycles
  • Base length: 1220mm
  • Base width: 640mm
  • Product weight: 40kg

The Invacare Birdie Evo Compact Hoist (FUR1209) is also availble, the smaller footprint allows for ease of use in environments where space is limited. The maximum weight capacity for the Compact Hoist is 150kg. We offer a range of Invacare Slings to suit all needs. 

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