Horizon Light Bio Laundry Detergent 10Ltr 6000832

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This Light Bio Laundry Detergent works at a low pH, and will perform well for you with cleaning a wide variety of stains and soils.

The product works by suspending soil to prevent soil re-deposition, or greying, from occurring. No matter the temperature that you use the product at, or the deepness of the stains that you are wishing to clean, you will get a great cleaning result after every use.

A More Heavily Biodegradeable (DIV1103) version of this product is also available.

  • Operates at a low pH
  • Is best recommended for professional and industrial use
  • Can kill different types of bacteria, including MRSA, C.Diff. and Spores
  • Is an auto-dosing detergent
  • This product has been approved for laundering Jonmaster products
  • Quantity: 1 x 10ltr bottle

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