Glade Solid Lily Of The Valley 150g 8 Pack

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This Lily of the Valley Freshener will leave your rooms with a great smell.

The product is recommended for those who want a practical solution to enhancing the smells in their homes. The product's subtle container does this, which can house a fragrance for up a month. To use it, simply peel off the label tab to your desired level - either more or less, to control how much fragrance is released. This ease of use adds more value to your purchase, and ensures that the product will be convenient for you.

  • Consists of a gel air freshener, which will freshen up any room or cupboard
  • Is a perfumed gel, sealed into a discreet container
  • Provides a continuous fragrance
  • Flavour: Lily of the Valley. A Lavender Fragrance (HOU1058) is also available
  • Quantity: 8 x 150g Spray

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