Fairy Non Bio Laundry Liquid Pods 100 Pack

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These Non Bio Washing Capsules will give your favourite clothes an effective, yet gentle, wash.

These capsules have been dermatologically tested to verify that they are kind to skin, as well as washing alone. However, these pods do not require any dosing, making them easy to use. Additionally, they have a multi-compartment design, to ensure that the pods will remain fresh until they are required for use.

Furthermore, the lids of these pods are childproof, to give you an extra peace of mind. 

  • Please note that this product may be harmful, and cause serious injuries, if not used properly
  • Up to 100 washes are possible at once, with 1 wash per washing capsule
  • Is convenient to use - no dosing required
  • Has been tested both dermatologically, and hypoallergenically
  • Has been awarded with the Skin Health Alliance Seal
  • Quantity: 2 x 50 Pods

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