Evans Handsan Alcohol Hand Gel Cartridge Pack

Sale price£39.00


For an ideal top up to your favourite sanitiser dispensing product, this Handsan Hand Gel Cartridge is an ideal, hassle-free purchase.

Each cartridge comes either individually, or in a 6pk, in 1ltr sizes.

  • Each product has been sealed, to prevent any potential risks of contamination from occurring
  • Re-loading your sanitising Dispenser with this product will be simple and hassle-free
  • Has passed EN1276, EN1500 and EN13262, the former two verifying its ability to kill within 30 seconds of contact time, and the latter further proving its ability at killing bacteria and viruses
  • The product contains around 70% of alcohol
  • Please read the health and safety information on the product's label before using it

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