Evans Clean and Shine 5Ltr 2 Pack

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Evans Clean and Shine is a professional perfumed floor maintainer which effectively removes scuff marks and restores gloss shine. This floor cleaner buffs to a slip-resistant gloss finish and is suitable for spray cleaning and damp mopping. Ideal on most floors, including vinyl, rubber, terrazzo, marble and sealed floors.

Polish your hotel lobby, restaurant and bar floors with Evans professional floor maintainer. Leaves a refreshing fragrence. 

Key Features

  • Case: 2 X 5Ltr
  • Split: 1 X 5Ltr
  • Keep your floors clean and polished
  • Refreshing fragrance
  • Commercial floor cleaner
  • Excellent results with floor machine
  • Low environmental impact

Directions for Use

Spray Cleaning: Dilute 1:50 parts cold water (10 ml per 500 ml). Sweep floor. Add Clean & Shine to cold water in a spray bottle. Apply a fine mist onto floor and spray clean using a high speed floor machine and red floor pad to obtain a gloss finish. 

Mop and Dry Brush: Dilute 1:50 parts warm water (100 ml per 5 L / 3 x per 5 L). Sweep floor. Mop with solution of Clean & Shine. Allow to dry. Dry burnish to a high gloss using a high speed floor machine and white floor pad. 

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