Evans 1066 Urinal Blocks 3kg

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This 1066 Urinal Block will replace all unpleasant smells with a powerful perfume, in your care environment's urinals and channels.

Each Urinal Block is made out of a highly perfumed, detergent based, non-PDCB material. With this material, these tablets can get the best out of cleaning your washroom or toilet environments. Not only can the product tackle odours, but it can also prevent drains from being blocked. 

  • Is a detergent-based product, that is best used with urinals and channels
  • Each urinal block has been dyed Yellow
  • Each block weighs at approximately 20gms each
  • These urinal blocks are soluble, in order to overcome the risk of blocked drains
  • Please always read the product's label before using it
  • Quantity: 1 x 3kg Block

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