Diversey Suma L6 Dishwash Liquid 5 Ltr 2 Pack

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Suma Nova L6 is a concentrated liquid detergent for mechanical ware washing. It provides excellent soil removal in hard water conditions.

Key properties

Suma Nova L6 is a heavy duty alkaline liquid detergent suitable for use in single and multi-tank ware washing machines. It contains a blend of alkali and scale control agents that remove fats and dried-on foods. The high level of powerful scale control agents also prevents scaling in hard water conditions.


  • Quickly removes grease and dried-on food
  • Prevents scaling of the dish wash machine even in hard water conditions
  • Very effective due to highly concentrated formulation

Use instructions

Suma Nova L6 is normally applied using Diversey automatic dosing equipment. It can also be used in conjunction with integral dosing pumps where these are fitted. To ensure perfect cleaning results in hard water conditions, dose at a concentration of 0.4ml/l*. At 2ml/l, this will prevent scale deposits in water containing up to 205 ppm CaCO3 11.5°dH, 20.5°fH. Actual dosage will depend on site conditions (water hardness, degree of soiling, procedures).

Before first use, rinse pump and transport tubes of the dosing system to avoid product crystallisation caused by mixing with previously used products

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