Deb Cutan Foam Hand Sanitiser 1L Cartridge CFS39H 6 Pack

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This Foam Hand Sanitiser is a unique, yet highly efficient skin sanitiser.

The product can work to kill up to 99.999% of bacteria in as little as 15 seconds. It contains a moisturiser that helps to prevent skin dryness, and will leave skins feeling soft and refreshed after use. The perfume free and dye free formula has extremely low potential for skin irritation.

It is ideal for frequent use with very high user acceptability., including environments where food is being handled. It also contains a conditioner, to help with preventing skin dryness. The rich foam is extremely pleasant for frequent use in-between hand washing, to encourage maximum compliance.

Our stock of the Cutan Foam Hand Sanitiser helps to leave hands feeling clean, but not sticky, no matter how many times they are used.

It quickly dries on hands without the need for rinsing with water, making it ideal for use outside the washroom at the point of need.

It provides the user with complete control of the product in the hands, preventing any dripping or splashing from occurring.

The sanitiser will not clog pumps or splash and drip on surrounding floor and wall surfaces.

This hand sanitiser can be applied to hands prior to wearing gloves, or applied direct to gloves (latex and nitrile gloves). It comes in a 1 litre cartridge .

  • Quantity: 6 x 1ltr Cartridges

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