Ariel Professional System 3 Laundry Stainbuster 10Ltr

Sale price£69.40


This 10ltr Low Temp Stainbuster is a great product for removing all kinds of bacteria in your clothing, including MRSA.

The two main functions of the system is to keep fibres smooth and untangled, and to remove all stains found within clothing.

A 10ltr Version (HOU1319) of this Stainbuster is also available.

  • Is most efficient when used in mild wash conditions - those of a low wash temperature, and of a mild wash p.H, but can be used in all water hardness types generally
  • Will kill up to 99.999% Bacteria
  • We would not recommend using the product with clothes made out of Lycra or Nylon
  • Is best used wth a PaG Professional System 1 setup
  • Quantity: 1 x 10ltr Bottle

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