Apron On A Roll Dispenser Plastic

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We would recommend this Apron Roll Dispenser for your Roll Aprons, due to how the dispenser is both stylish and practical.

The product's design consists of a PVC Plastic Material. The material allows the product to be strong, while remaining light. It is wall mountable, giving you more options on where to place the product, and increase hygiene standards in environemtns where it is used.

It can also be used to dispense Bags that are on a Roll, as well as Aprons.

  • Will work best within the following industries: Automotive, Construction and Utility, Engineering and Manufacturing, Food Manufacturing and Prep, Janitorial, Medical, Vet, Dental, Pharmaceutical, Hair and Beauty, Warehousing, Transport and Logistics, Waste Management, and Local Authority
  • Works best with our Aprons on a Roll 
  • Comes with the necessary products to fix the product on as a wall mount
  • Size: 35cm / 14"
  • Material: PVC Plastic

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