Accuchek Inform II Test Strips 50 Pack

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Our Accucheck Inform II Test Trips work seamlessly with your Accu-Check Inform II and Accu-Check Performa glucose meters.

. The strips can be used primarily to measure glucose in fresh venous, arterial, neonatal and capillary whole blood from the finger.
. These strips should be stored between 2-30°C, and used between 8-44°C
. The use of the product should take place in areas containing between 10-90% humidity, and furthermore, be sure not to store them in high head and moisture areas
. When you need to store unusde strips, do so in the product's original container with the cap closed, which you should also close immediately after removing a test strip
. Discard the test strips if they are past their use-by date
. Quantity: 1 x 50 Strips

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